MIXTUR №2 - Soothing care for your nose

Are plagued by a dry or constantly runny nose? Are you getting too little air, especially at night, and not enough sleep?
MIXTUR №2 promotes free breathing and the release of nasal blockages.

The special properties of the Stellaria Media plant used in the nose ointment of MIXTUR №2 contribute to the care and protection of the sensitive skin both in and on the nose. MIXTUR №2 produces positive effects on the common cold, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, impaired breathing and works to regress nasal polyps. The all natural effect of Stellaria Media is further enhanced by the inclusion of ambergris.

Thanks to the fine and gentle processing of all MIXTUREN ingredients which are free of any artificial preservatives, dyes and/or fragrances, MIXTUR №2 can also be used without hesitation for both babies and children.