Enthusiastic user reviews & feedback

 "Thank you very much, Dr. Sommer, for offering you perfect care for the" mature "skin, too. Best regards"

- Sabine K.



"Dear Dr. Sommer!

I've been using her skin balm since I discovered it at the Metatron pharmacy earlier this year. I've been suffering from rosacea and couperose for a long time and also have hypersensitive skin and mucous membranes. Since I use your skin balm, I have - except for minor rare irritations of the skin - an absolutely soothed skin. The redness has gone back so much that I want to thank you very much and I want to give expression to my pleasure in having such a huge success and thus a great deal less worry.

Thanks again, for your very helpful and valuable idea and implementation. "

- Mag. Sonja T.



"For about 2 months I had severe discomfort, rhinitis, nobody and nothing helped. Until I got the nose balm from Fr.Dr. in the pharmacy SAN VITO in the 13th district. Got summer. Already after 1 day it went better and I can finally breathe freely again. For me my little Christmas miracle, was really desperate. Thank you Dr. med. Summer !"

- Michaela Mally



As a mother, it's important to me what I put on my skin. I'm very excited about the production, but especially of the ingredients. I use the mixture for various skin irritations, a friend also uses them in atopic dermatitis.

It is easy to apply and immediately relieves the itching. Rashes disappear and even scars heal better I have already recommended you and will continue to do so in the future. "

- Caro Athanasiadis



"I suffered from eczema for years. Since I use Mixture No1 as a care, I hardly have more eczema. The itching has also completely disappeared."

- Leonie Wagner



"Dr. Sommers MIXTUR .... When I had a strong sunburn on my face during the summer, I got in touch with Dr. Sommer's self-made face cream. .. aside from the fact that after about an hour a bright red, burning face developed back into the state of relaxation, I now have a new favorite cream ... since this evening I use it every day !!! Not only the wonderful smell but also the texture is special, I have already given away the cream and it was also used with great enthusiasm by my friend who suffers from atopic dermatitis ... now start reordering for my family and friends !! A great product for a great price, from a doctor with a great ambition for nature and her patients !! "

- Almut Ebner


"A wonderful new creation. My ear problem disappeared immediately after application. "

- Prof. Hans Muhr



"The nose ointment surprised me positively. Because of a strong allergy I had to use a cortisone spray. The nose ointment has proven to be a perfect complement to the therapy, has mitigated side effects of the cortisone spray. And I had a pleasant and well-maintained nose feeling all day long. "

- Univ. Prof. Dr. Bettina Fuhrmann



"Amazing and quick success in wounds and skin irritations, very good tolerability in both the oral and the intimate area."


- W. Kölbl



"For scar and skin care of Vatern's surgical area (tissue after tumor surgery due to previous irradiation severely irritated) highly appreciated."
Nuts is delighted about an ideal hand care ("... is quickly absorbed ...") No onset of eczema alone, regular use alone indicates a high degree of satisfaction, and with the slightest reservation, my ancestors would refuse to use it. "

- Hans K.



"Dear Dr. Summer, I just wanted to get in touch to tell you that I love your salve recipe - really great !! I had eczema on my fingers and smeared it twice! "

- Mag. Ursula Zeiß



"After trying everything to get my ugly warts on my foot, a friend of mine told me. Sommers Mixture No3 recommended. After 2 weeks there is hardly anything to see. Thank you"

- L. Neumann



"For 20 years, polyps have put a strain on my nose. Now I can breathe freely again. "

- Frau von Salis



"Your balm is great, my 2 wounds from the dermatologist are wonderfully healed, you hardly see anything, so really --- congratulations, thank you"

- Charlotte Marenitz



"in the end it was the acupuncture, a nasal spray and a nose ointment, which helped me to get a free nose - after the second acupuncture treatment! After a total of 10 sessions, the polyps have even disappeared. THANK YOU!!!"

- DocFinder



"I love the scent of chocolate and the rich balm makes my skin feel good when I've been in the sun too long"

- Manuela Titze



"Acupuncture has almost made my chronic sinusitis disappear. Except for a big polyp. This was eliminated with the help of the ointment."

- Brigitta Kern


Dear Dr. Sommer

My daughter has had ugly warts on her toes for months. We have already tried everything, ice, immunosuppresives and what else is there - unfortunately without success. During the week, Melissa is at boarding school and it's hard to convince her that she uses the remedies on a regular basis - they know how children are. Now, through an acquaintance, I learned about your No3 mix and ordered it for Melissa. The pretty packaging and glass jar with the red wax seal immediately appealed to my daughter and she proudly showed it to all her friends at the boarding school. Since then, it's no longer a problem to lubricate your No3 mix on a regular basis, and after two weeks, the skin on your toes is soft and smooth again and the warts have become noticeably smaller. I am positive, that the warts are soon completely gone. Dr. Summer Mixture No3 convinced me and especially my daughter. "

- Eva Maier