In order to preserve the authenticity of my products, a highly skilled core team is engaged to deliver quality to you. We want you to experience every detail we put into our Mixtures and thus due to the sensitive and active ingredients, each cream is stirred and bottled by my team and I personally. Only the Mixtures that fully meet all my requirements will be marked with my Dr. Sommer seal. When selecting raw materials, I also pay attention to a gentle and nature bound manufacturing process and look for the highest quality standards worldwide. 

Since the Mixture products are based on purely natural ingredients and do not contain any coloring, dyes and to a large extent no preservatives, you may see ever so slight variations in color and consistency. Temperature fluctuations and air supply can have an influence on the nature of my Mixtures. These changes do not represent any loss of quality, actually this represents the pure and natural origin and characteristics of the Mixture products. To ensure you can enjoy my Mixtures for a long time, please close them carefully and tightly after opening and store in a cool place.

Many successful reviews confirm the unique effects on the skin.