MIXTUR №4 - Organic Ear Care Oil

MIXTUR №4 Stellaria ear care oil is an organic all-natural product for proactive ear care and relief of ear pain. MIXTUR №4 is produced in a wholesome and natural extraction process lasting more than six weeks under the influence of the energy of the sun and the moon. 

The special properties of the Stellaria Media plant promote the relief and release of discomforts caused by environmental influences. Applying MIXTUR №4 into the ear promotes both care and protection for the ear. Please refrain from using in case of injury to the eardrum.

Stellaria MIXTUR №4 contains no fragrances, dyes, and/or preservatives. Thanks to the organic and gentle processing of all-natural ingredients, free of any artificial preservatives, colors and/or fragrances, MIXTUR №4 can be used without hesitation for both babies and children.