Guaranteed natural products

We exclusively use the highest-grade ingredients and raw materials to ensure the utmost quality standards for my Mixtur lines. The herbs for my Mixtures originate from all-natural collections and are extracted under the influence of the sun and moon in a gentle week-long fermentation process. The special ingredients of the herbs in combination with natural olive oil and beeswax from organic beekeepers promote the power of my Stellaria Mixtures and a wide range of applications for skin problems. 

Equally as important is what is not included in the Stellaria Mixtures; specifically no emulsifiers, no parabens, no preservatives and wherever possible no fragrances and dyes, no cortisone, no paraffin or silicone oil, no animal ingredients – and of course my Mixtures are developed without any animal testing and manufacturing. 100% natural and made in Austria!

This is my full-hearted guarantee to you